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Keyless Shaft/Hub Locking Devices: Mining Industry


Keyless Locking Device Eliminates Problematic Keyed



Keyless Locking Device Design Leads to Efficiency and Productivity

image Keyless Locking Device Eliminates Downtime due to Shaft Fatigue Failure
image Keyless Locking Device Resists Torque Reversals
image Shaft Collars as Locators in Automated Packaging
image Corrosion Resistant Collars Save Your Customer Money

Shaft Collars Precision Machined Prevents Premature Bearing Failure

image Shaft Collar Bearing Applications
image Climax Rigid Couplings Outperform Cast Iron




More About Our Product Lines

image INFOGRAPHIC: Shaft Collars

Serve as locators, limiters, spacers…


image INFOGRAPHIC: Rigid Couplings

Function as components for timing, joing, alining shafts…


image INFOGRAPHIC: Shaft Adapters

Ideal for repair, altering, extending, increase/decrease of current shafts...


image INFOGRAPHIC: Keyless Locking Devices

Mechanical bushings used for connecting PT components onto rotating shafts…


image INFOGRAPHIC: Pillow Block Bearings

Bearing units contained in a pillow block housing…


image INFOGRAPHIC: Flange Bearings

Bearing units contained in a flange mount housing…


image INFOGRAPHIC: Abrasive Hardware

Various tooling components used to hold abrasive finishing products…


image INFOGRAPHIC: Abrasive Sanding Drums
  Rubber expansion drums used to mount abrasive sanding sleeves…




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