Shaft collars can be welded with some exceptions. Mild steel and stainless steel materials contain sulfur and other additives which allow for welding. However, the lowest possible current and adequate ventilation should be employed. Be sure to remove screws before welding. However, in no cases should collars with zinc plating be welded. The welding process on a zinc plated product will produce noxious fumes. Welding can be done safely on a black oxide finished product. Extreme caution is recommended when welding imported collars because of the inconsistency of the material and finishes.

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  1. james bachour

    Can 2C-193 and 2C-262 be gasless flux core welded?

    • Climax Metal Products

      Great question! Both items, 2C-193 and 2C-262, are offered with a black oxide finish and can be welded. There are a few points to consider before welding: 1.) All screws should be removed from the collar before welding, 2.) The lack of appropriate heat sink during welding may cause the collar to deform, and 3.) Be sure to allow for sufficient ventilation and follow all safety protocols.

      For additional information about the weldability of Climax shaft collars check out our blog here:

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