Superior Solution for Shaft Connections in Large Bore Applications

Traditional large cast iron couplings, used to connect shafts in large bore applications found in lumber, steel, rail, recycling, and paper industries, are manufactured from iron and are extremely heavy.


Large cast iron couplings have a bulky design that requires extra room in order to accommodate the oversized outside diameter of the unit. The sheer size of these antiquated couplings puts unnecessary stress on the shaft, and poses risk to damaging the shaft and associated components. In order to attain necessary torque for these applications, cast iron couplings encompass the use of a keyway leading to issues such as wallowing, backlash, fretting corrosion, and fatigue failure, commonly associated with keyways.


Keyless Locking Devices Provide Solutions for Mining Industry

Keyless Locking DevicesWhether your operation is surface, conventional or longwall mining, your machinery is constantly subjected to some of the harshest environments and torturous loads for which an engineer can design. To compensate, for many application designers forgo traditional keys and keyways which are subject to failure and rely upon splice and interference fits to mount critical components on rotating shafts.

Keyless shaft/hub locking devices, internal locking (more…)

Optimal Solution for Mining Belt Conveyor Systems

Climax Keyless Locking Devices provide advantages over keyed connections. Mining OEMs incorporate keyless connections in equipment design.

KLD large DrumDrum pulleys, especially head or tail pulleys, using traditional keyed connections introduce several compromises. Whenever a shaft is keyed, it must be oversized to account for the loss of effective cross section. This adds weight and cost not only to the shaft, but to every component on the shaft. Once assembled, keyways are susceptible to fretting, corrosion, and allow backlash. QD, XT, or taper-lock bushings do not transmit reversing bending moments and are susceptible to shaft fatigue failure originating at the keyways. Climax KLDs eliminate the need for keyways reducing downtime and loss of profit while allowing the use of smaller shafting and components. KLDs provide a longer life for both mine duty and engineered class conveyor pulleys.

Mining machinery is constantly subjected (more…)

Mining Shovels & Excavators Benefit From the Use of Climax KLDs

Climax Keyless Locking Devices offer an alternative for clumsy clevis pin retention and brake rotors in excavators and dragline shovels.

Mining ExcavatorOne of the most commonly used pieces of heavy mining equipment is excavators or power shovels. Every major construction project requires their use. Tasks such as removing large objects, digging trenches, site grading, hauling, demolition, mining, snow removal, would be practically impossible without this machinery.

Construction machinery is constantly subjected to the harshest environments and toughest loads for which an engineer can design. Maintenance is an important factor in keeping costs down and ensuring that construction site progress stays on schedule. Moving parts are expected to wear out over time especially where (more…)

KLDs Offer Solution for Mining Crusher Equipment

Crushing machinery used in mining applications can benefit from the use of a Climax keyless locking device which provides advantages over keyed connections.

Crusher RotorJaw crushers used heavily in the mining industry, often incorporate keyways and/or expensive sweat or press fit connections. Using traditional keyed connections introduces several compromises. Whenever a shaft is keyed, it must be oversized to account for the loss of effective cross section. This adds weight and cost not only to the shaft, but to every component on the shaft. Keyways cause fretting corrosion, allow backlash, do not transmit bending moments or axial loads.

Impact crushers incorporate an interference fit rotor/shaft connection which requires expensive machining, fixturing, heavy hydraulic presses and a great deal of labor to facilitate assembly. Climax heavy duty locking assemblies such as the C405-Series achieve (more…)