Traditional large cast iron couplings, used to connect shafts in large bore applications found in lumber, steel, rail, recycling, and paper industries, are manufactured from iron and are extremely heavy.


Large cast iron couplings have a bulky design that requires extra room in order to accommodate the oversized outside diameter of the unit. The sheer size of these antiquated couplings puts unnecessary stress on the shaft, and poses risk to damaging the shaft and associated components. In order to attain necessary torque for these applications, cast iron couplings encompass the use of a keyway leading to issues such as wallowing, backlash, fretting corrosion, and fatigue failure, commonly associated with keyways.


Climax provides two solutions for large bore applications. The first solution, H2CC-Series Two-Piece Clamping Couplings, are available with an internal diameter up to 4-15/16”. This all steel rigid two-piece clamping design not only is a lighter weight product with a tighter envelope for clearance issues, but also provides a higher torque capacity over die cast couplings. The clamping design of this steel coupling transmits torque by using keyways. H2CCs are about half the weight of their die cast counterparts and can be installed without major disassembly.

Shaft Connections
Series C600

Climax Series-C600 Keyless Rigid Couplings are an innovative product that substantially reduces the weight of the coupling, and eliminates risks associated with keyed connections. Incorporating a Climax C600 series in the application design saves maintenance costs and decreases downtime. A C600 keyless rigid coupling is easy to install using simple hand tools and can be mounted on a round shaft without a keyway. Lighter than both traditional die cast couplings and H2CC series rigid coupling, a C600 has a torque capacity 2-3X higher and is self-releasing.

Climax carries an extensive inventory of rigid couplings and keyless rigid couplings with the capability to engineer custom designs to fit any application challenge.

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