Superior Solution for Shaft Connections in Large Bore Applications

Traditional large cast iron couplings, used to connect shafts in large bore applications found in lumber, steel, rail, recycling, and paper industries, are manufactured from iron and are extremely heavy.


Large cast iron couplings have a bulky design that requires extra room in order to accommodate the oversized outside diameter of the unit. The sheer size of these antiquated couplings puts unnecessary stress on the shaft, and poses risk to damaging the shaft and associated components. In order to attain necessary torque for these applications, cast iron couplings encompass the use of a keyway leading to issues such as wallowing, backlash, fretting corrosion, and fatigue failure, commonly associated with keyways.


Maintaining Component Integrity in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Climax Shrink Disc style flanged couplings in lieu of bore-keyway-setscrew or interference fits, allows for stronger shafts while eliminating corrosion sites and stress risers that are a common point of failure.

Wastewater Treatment PoolMounting couplings with traditional keyed connections in treatment applications such as clarifier drives and drag conveyors introduces several compromises. Whenever a shaft is keyed, it must be oversized to account for the loss of effective cross section. This adds weight and cost not only to the shaft, but to every component on the shaft. Once assembled, keyways are at risk of corrosion build up resulting in backlash and fretting. In wastewater applications where slow rotation requires a greater torque, keyways produce a great risk for timing issues, resulting in downtime and loss of profit. Climax KLDs eliminate the need for keyways reducing the risk of corrosion, providing a longer life for clarifier drives and drag conveyors.

Using a press or shrink fit method, while effective (more…)