Climax KLDs provide a reliable shaft connection for drive line components of high- speed index packaging machinery, common in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

KLD Hydraulic Motor-Conveyor Systems

With the rise of modern technology and the corresponding demand for semiconductors and associated components, efficiency in high-speed index machinery is at an all-time high. As the necessity for these critical components reaches an unprecedented high, increased production is required. This strenuous demand on machinery, especially requirements of positional accuracy and repeatability from drive line components, can cause keyed connections to wear out, become out of sync, and break down. Excessive downtime and loss of productivity are real concerns for maintenance.

In an industry dependent on the positional accuracy of its machinery, a reliable shaft connection is vital. Climax Keyless Locking Devices ensure positional accuracy and repeatability for drive line components. Designed to be used in place of keyed connections, KLDs, when used in servo-driven sprocket drive systems, deliver zero backlash without accumulated wear or performance erosion. Climax KLDs work with straight bores with generous tolerances reducing component machining complexity and costs. As maintenance is required, KLDs are easy to install and remove with simple hand tools, invaluable for field serviceability.

Climax carries an extensive inventory of KLDs with the capability to engineer custom designs to fit any application challenge. Look to Climax for a quality engineered shaft locking solution.

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