What is a Climax Keyless Locking Device?

Keyless Locking Devices (KLDs) are mechanical bushings used to connect power transmission components onto rotating shafts. Without the use of keyways, KLDs eliminate the problems associated with backlash including fretting, corroding, and wallowing. KLDs work with straight bores and generous tolerances, reducing component machining and complexity costs. In addition, KLDs are installed and removed using simple hand tools; no heat or high forces are required.

Climax Keyless Locking Devices include, keyless locking assemblies, keyless rigid couplings, shrink discs, and single nut locking assemblies.

For more information check out the following: Keyless Locking Devices Infographic.

What materials are used to manufacture Keyless Locking Devices?

Climax Keyless Locking Devices are manufactured from high carbon and alloy steel and stainless steel.

What is the required surface finish & lubricity for Keyless Locking Devices?

Climax Keyless Locking Devices carry rated capacities that rely upon both lubricity and surface finish. Components to be mounted should be machined to achieve a surface finish of between 63 and 125 µIN RMS. A surface finish outside this range could result in a reduction of the load carrying capacity of the connection. Lubricity is likewise critically important to the successful application of our products, as it directly affects the Coefficient of Friction (COF) between mated components. Our internal locking assemblies are supplied and installed with ordinary machine oil on all locking screws and mated surfaces to achieve a COF equal to .12. Our external shrink discs and keyless rigid couplings require a solvent cleaned and dry shaft interface to achieve a COF equal to .15.

What is the safe operating temperature of a Keyless Locking Device?

Climax Keyless Locking Devices are designed to operate through a temperature range of 0º to 400º F. Note that mated components of dissimilar materials may react to temperature increases at different rates. Please consult with a KLD Product Specialist regarding such applications.

Can a Keyless Locking Device be mounted over an existing keyway?

Climax Keyless Locking Devices can be installed over existing empty keyways. Both Locking Assemblies and Shrink Discs should be rotated to position inner ring radial slits approximately opposite the keyway and a locking screw directly over the keyway. Climax Keyless Locking Devices are not de-rated when installed over existing empty keyways.

Can a Keyless Locking Device be fitted on a non-standard shaft?

In situations where the measured shaft diameter does not match any standard Climax Locking Assembly, perhaps as a result of damage or excessive wear, a simple adaptor sleeve can be fabricated to effectively “shim” the existing shaft to a standard nominal diameter. These adaptor sleeves can be slit lengthwise or left solid, with slit sleeves allowing more relaxed machining tolerances. Wall thickness should not exceed 12.5% of measured shaft diameter. For slit adaptor sleeves rated torque capacities for these connections is taken directly from the Climax Locking Assembly selected, provided the adaptor sleeve/shaft interface is clean and dry (for a coefficient of friction equal to .15) and the adaptor wall thickness is within prescribed limits. For additional information on fitting a KLD on to a non-standard shaft, contact Climax and ask to speak to a KLD Product Specialist.

Once plated do Keyless Locking Devices maintain torque capacity?

Climax Locking Assemblies and Keyless Rigid Couplings are stocked unplated, while shrink discs are supplied with zinc-plated outer rings. Upon request, all Climax KLDs can be quoted with either of two after-market plating options: industry-standard electroless Nickel or Armoloy® Thin Dense Chrome (TDC). Both plating solutions offer excellent corrosion resistance with no reduction of rated torque capacity.

What is the proper way to install a Keyless Locking Device?

When installing or removing a Keyless Locking Device, it is important to follow specific installation procedures. Written instructions are included with each KLD and can be downloaded from the product page. Instruction videos can be viewed from the product page as well.

Do you provide engineering assistance for Keyless Locking Devices?

Yes – we offer complete engineering assistance for our Keyless Locking Device product line. As KLDs exert high compression and expansions forces, our Hub Calculator online tool can assist to ensure that components mounted with Climax products are of adequate strength for your application.

Our Hub Calculator can be accessed on any Keyless Locking Device page on our website.