Climax an OH-based corporation and North America’s leading manufacturer and marketer of Shaft Collars, Rigid Couplings, Keyless Locking Devices, Bearings, and Abrasives, announced in June 2011, an exclusive North American marketing partnership with MAV S.p.A., a manufacturer of Locking Assemblies, Shrink Discs and Keyless Rigid Couplings based in Bosentino, Italy.

Climax is poised to become North America’s leading supplier of Keyless Locking Devices (KLDs) and related technology. KLDs are a hub locking device that improves the connection of a drive component to a shaft. Common applications for keyless locking assemblies include connection of timing pulleys, sprockets, sheaves, conveyor pulleys, indexing applications, gears, cams, levers, motors and hydraulics, clutches and brakes and flange couplings.

This exclusive marketing partnership with MAV S.p.A. will advance Climax’s position in the KLD market by combining the strength of Climax’s marketing, distribution and customer service models with MAV’s manufacturing expertise and well-earned reputation for producing the highest quality products. This strategic partnership gives Climax unique capabilities in the North American KLD market to deliver both standard and made-to-order products across a broad size range with attractive lead times, even for limited quantity production runs.

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