Climax 316 stainless steel shaft collars provide for a locking solution that eliminates the likelihood of contamination from corrosion in an environment where frequent wash-downs are common and downtime is costly.

Shaft Collars
316 SS Shaft Collars from stock

At the end of 2017 there were approximately 8,000 breweries in the United States according to America’s Beer Distributors website ( The estimated current market value of the beer industry is $114 billion dollars. As consumers continue to demand this popular beverage, breweries will need to maintain and replace equipment in order to keep up with production. Corrosion in breweries continues to prove challenging to this industry. Choosing the wrong metals can have an impact on flavor, can cause contamination in the product, and consequent downtime.

Climax offers a solution to the corrosion problems that persist at breweries. Climax shaft collars manufactured from 316 stainless steel are extremely corrosion resistant making them ideal for applications in the harsh environment of the brewing industry. Since stainless steel is easy to sanitize, is inert to beer and corrosion, and is proven durable, it is considered the industry standard for brewing facilities worldwide.

Offered in both two-piece clamping collars CR2C-Series and set screw collars CRC-Series styles, Climax has a full assortment of sizes ready to ship from stock providing a solution to the harsh environments common in the Beer & Ale Industry. For more information on how 316 stainless steel shaft collars can help with corrosion contamination, contact a Climax engineer.

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