Climax Keyless Locking Devices withstand the constant pounding associated with wood processing applications making them an ideal replacement for expensive and time consuming traditional interference fit connections.

Timber Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper

Interference fit rotor/shaft connections common in wood chippers require expensive machining, fixturing, and the use of heavy hydraulic presses. As these traditional fits require close tolerances there is a great deal of labor involved to facilitate assembly.

Climax heavy duty locking assemblies can achieve the same fit with a much simpler and less expensive machining. Keyless locking assemblies are installed and removed with simple hand tools making them ideal for applications that require field serviceability. The same heavy duty locking assemblies can be used to mount drive sheaves on wood chippers eliminating wallowing, fretting corrosion, and fatigue failure, commonly associated with shaft keyways. The harsh demands of constant pounding in wood processing applications on keyed connections are no longer a threat when a Climax Keyless Locking Assembly is used.

Climax KLDs only require a straight bore with generous tolerances reducing component machining and complexity cost, and are completely field serviceable. Climax carries an extensive inventory of KLDs with the capability to engineer custom designs to fit any application challenge. Contact us for your quality engineered shaft locking solution.

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