Climax Keyless Locking Devices provide a superior alternative for component connectivity in timber applications where keyed connections commonly result in excessive downtime and loss of production.

Timber Log DebarkerDue to the harsh nature of the lumber and wood industry, sheared and rolled keys and broken shafts are common on equipment such as debarkers. Shaft/hub connections in this industry are subjected to a constant pounding which eventually leads to shaft fatigue failures of keyed connections resulting in downtime and loss of production.

In debarker applications, Climax Series C405 Heavy-Duty Locking Assemblies create a 360° contact mechanical interference fit eliminating backlash associated with keyed connections. By eliminating the shaft keyway and associated notch factor, keyless locking devices provide for a shaft that is 30% stronger in both torsion and bending capacity. For sprockets, sheaves, and lever arms, the use of a Climax C133 or C415 series KLD, provide for both higher torque and bending capacity, as well as assuring no axial movement occurs during installation.

Where maintenance is required, Climax Keyless Locking Devices are field serviceable and can be easily removed and reinstalled using simple hand tools, eliminating the need for an expensive and timely maintenance process.

Climax carries an extensive inventory of keyless locking devices with the capability to engineer custom designs to fit any application challenge. Contact us for a quality engineered shaft locking solution.

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