Climax offers 3 different types of bearing inserts: ball bearings, bronze sleeve bearings, and UHMW-PE Bearings.

Ball Bearings include two set screws used to secure the unit to the shaft for added load support. Ball bearing units are encased in a nonconductive, oil resistant rubber liner in steel housing units

Bronze Sleeve Bearings are porous flanged bronze bearing inserts which are press-fit in a zinc die cast sphere with a felt strip for lubrication in steel housing. In zinc die cast housings,bronze bearing units are press-fit directly inside the housing. In both of these housing styles, an oil hole is provided which allows for bearing lubrication.

UHMW-PE Bearings are self-lubricating, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, and are ideal for harsh or wet environments. UHMW-PE bearings are FDA & USDA approved. Suggested temperature environment ranges -60° to 180°. UHMW-PE solid rigid units are interchangeable with most metal units.

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