Shaft Collars have extremely diverse applications. Shaft collars are used on applications from holding up a flag on a flag pole, to positioning devices on medical equipment to the more common industrial applications of holding other shaft components such as bearings, sprockets and pulleys in place. In general, shaft collar applications fall into one of three broad categories:

Positioners:  Locate or position components on a shaft.

Spacers:  Keep components “spaced” apart.

Limiters:  Limit the movement of a shaft such as in a reciprocating application.

For more information check out the following: Shaft Collars Infographic.

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  1. Kelli Williams

    Quite informative! Shaft collars are found in almost all machines, especially in motors and gearboxes. These are ring-shaped plastic devices that are clamped around a shaft. The two most popular types are solid and split.

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