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Sleeve bearings are hollow cylinders used primarily as bore reducers.

Component Connection is Crucial for Positional Accuracy & Repeatability

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Climax KLDs provide a reliable shaft connection for drive line components of high- speed index packaging machinery, common in the manufacturing of semiconductors. With the rise of modern technology and the corresponding demand for semiconductors and associated components, efficiency in high-speed index machinery is at an all-time high. As the necessity for these critical components […]

Superior Connection for Vertical Scrubbers Found in Automated Car Wash Systems

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Climax Keyless Rigid Moment Couplings provide a superior connection solution for vertical scrubbers, eliminating problems associated with traditional keyed methods. Cloth-friction wash systems, popular in automated car wash facilities, incorporate the use of soft cloths or brushes. As the vehicle moves through the car wash tunnel, these soft cloths or brushes move around the exterior […]

Need Technical Information for Shaft Collars or Rigid Couplings?

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Our Customer Service Representatives are available during the week from 8:00am to 5:00pm EST. When you have a question and we aren’t available, our catalog Technical Information pages often have the answers you are looking for. If you need something else please contact us during our open hours, leave us a message at sales@climaxmetal.com, or […]

Custom Designed Two-Piece Couplings Offer a Superior Solution for Line Shafts

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Climax two-piece clamping couplings provide a superior solution for line shaft failed components, saving countless hours of downtime and increasing productivity. Line shafts are an essential element in the power transmission industry and are used primarily to synchronize multiple components on equipment. Line shafts are common in many industries, including Timber, Forestry, Food Processing, Glass […]

Large Bore Couplings Provide Solution for Line Shaft Timber Applications

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Climax large bore shaft couplings provide a higher strength alternative over antiquated traditional approaches in timbering applications while transmitting higher loads necessary for line shafts. From initial harvesting to final product, machinery used in forestry (sawmill) applications is constantly subjected to some of the harshest environments and strenuous loads for which an engineer can design. […]

Superior Solution for Shaft Connections in Large Bore Applications

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Traditional large cast iron couplings, used to connect shafts in large bore applications found in lumber, steel, rail, recycling, and paper industries, are manufactured from iron and are extremely heavy. Large cast iron couplings have a bulky design that requires extra room in order to accommodate the oversized outside diameter of the unit. The sheer […]

Car Wash Tunnel Conveyor Systems Benefit from the use of a Keyless Locking Device

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A Keyless Locking Device from Climax provides an alternative to traditional keyed connections in car wash tunnel conveyor applications proving to be cost-effective and maintenance-friendly. Providing customers a seamless car wash ensures that they leave the facility happy and with a clean car. Although the requirement for equipment maintenance may seem daunting and costly, proper […]