A Keyless Locking Device from Climax provides an alternative to traditional keyed connections in car wash tunnel conveyor applications proving to be cost-effective and maintenance-friendly.

Car Wash Tunnel Conveyor System
Car Wash Tunnel Conveyor System

Providing customers a seamless car wash ensures that they leave the facility happy and with a clean car. Although the requirement for equipment maintenance may seem daunting and costly, proper maintenance of a car wash is extremely important in providing a positive experience. Many car wash facilities incorporate the use of an underground tunnel conveying system that moves the vehicle through the washing process. Typically this type of car wash system can reach upwards of a half-million dollars in equipment.

Traditionally, manufacturers use a keyed connection to mount the chain sprocket to shafting. Shaft/hub connections in the car wash conveying systems are subjected to harsh and strenuous loads which can lead to shaft fatigue failures of keyed connections resulting in extensive downtime and reduced profitability.

Using a Climax keyless locking device provides a 360° contact mechanical interference fit eliminating backlash associated with keyed connections. By eliminating the shaft keyway and associated notch factor, keyless locking devices allow for a shaft that is 30% stronger. For sprockets, the use of a KLD assure no axial movement occurs during installation, eliminates problems associated with shock loading, and resists corrosion due to high contact pressure. Where maintenance is required, Climax KLDs are field serviceable and can be easily removed and reinstalled using simple hand tools, eliminating the need for an expensive and timely maintenance process.

Climax engineers have the ability to engineer custom designs including stainless steel and various plating options for corrosive environments.

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