Black oxide finish on our mild steel collars is formulated as part of the total performance of the collar. The black oxide affects the anti-stick-slip characteristics and helps keep the torque rating of the screw within its design parameters. Black oxide also has corrosion resistant properties for indoor environmental applications. However, black oxide is not intended as an outside weather protective finish. Other advantages to black oxide collars include dimensional uniformity with negligible thickness and no flaking or chipping.

Zinc plating is generally accepted as the industry standard for set-screw collars. Zinc plating provides corrosion resistance in indoor environmental applications and has a “shiny silver” appearance for product appeal. Special zinc-plating, often associated with different colorings, such as yellow zinc or black zinc plating, can be applied to greatly increase corrosion resistance.

Climax offers other special finishes including anodizing for aluminum collars and special zinc-plating with greater corrosion resistance. Contact customer service at 800-542-6552 for complete information on Climax’s special finishes.

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  1. DJM

    What on Earth are the collars used for in so many sizes and types? I was initially looking for a collar or splint for a broken 3″ yew branch after a snowstorm. And ran into you/yew!! Well, thanks for being a trusty USA company!

    • Climax Metal Products

      Thanks for commenting on our article. Shaft collars are an important component in the power transmission industry. Shaft collars are used to lock, space or position different items onto a shaft. Imagine a conveyor belt moving items along in a processing plant where food is processed or packaged for consumers. Shaft collars can be found in almost every industry imaginable. If you are interested check out our blog area and read about shaft collars in some of our application pieces. If you need help choosing a size right for your application feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-800-542-6552. Our application blog can be found here:
      Have a great day!

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