A keyless chuck is simply a holder that allows you to mount and hold different tools such as drill bits, abrasive tools or sanding drums. Climax Keyless Chucks are manufactured to mount on a 1/2-20 threaded shaft. Tightening or loosening the chuck will open or close the jaws allowing for installation or removal of various tools.

Pictured here is a C-2 keyless chuck on a threaded shaft holding an abrasive wire wheel.
Pictured here is a C-2 keyless chuck holding an abrasive cone mounted to a round motor shaft using a Climax Motor Arbor

For applications involving an existing round shaft as seen in the image above, Climax offers a wide range of Motor/Grinder Arbors that can be used in conjunction with our keyless chucks. These Motor & Grinder Shaft Arbors can be found on our website here: https://catalog.climaxmetal.com/category/arbors

Climax offers two keyless chucks that accommodate tool shank sizes up to 1/2″ in diameter. These parts are:

Climax Part No.Fits Threaded ShaftChuck Capacity
C-21/2″-20 RH1/4″
C-41/2″-20 RH1/2″

For more information on our keyless chucks, contact our customer service department at 800-542-6552 or email us at sales@climaxmetal.com.

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