Steel Collars are the most commonly used and manufactured. The exact type of steel used varies depending on the machine process but generally low-carbon steel is used, including materials such as 1215, 1045, and 1026.

Stainless Steel Collars are used primarily in applications where component wash down is frequent such as food processing, pharmaceutical or marine applications. Climax manufactures with austenitic Type 303 and Type 316 stainless steel that meets FDA guidelines.

Aluminum Collars are lighter, have the non-magnetic properties of aluminum desirable for many applications, and have a bright gleaming finish that is highly suitable for applications with high visibility. Colored or clear anodizing can also be provided as a “special” finish.

Acetal Collars will not rust or corrode and are ideal for applications where component wash down is frequent. Climax acetal shaft collars include stainless steel screws.

Climax does not manufacture with powdered or sintered steel because it makes a poor quality collar and cannot be welded. In sintered set screw collars, the threads tend to be weak and not uniform in performance.

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  1. Gary Wilder

    We are interested in information concerning the likelihood you could fabricate a 316 SS collar to be used in the repair of a pile at the Naval Weapons Station, Joint Base Charleston. If so, how could we receive an estimated cost and delivery time?

    • Climax Metal Products

      Thank you for reviewing this article on our blog. We definitely manufacture collars in 316SS. I have forwarded this request to our sales team and they will be in touch shortly. If I can be of any additional assistance feel free to email me at

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