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What Tolerances are Climax Ball Bearing units manufactured to?

All ball bearing units supplied by Climax are manufactured to tolerance class ABEC-1 per ANSI/ABMA Std 7, latest revision. Bearing tolerances are based on the nominal bore or inner diameter of the bearing. The following table lists tolerances for the bearing bore, bore runout, bearing width, and the diameter of the shaft on which the bearing will be mounted.

ABEC 1 Tolerance
Diameter Tolerance
Bore Radial Runout Tolerance
Diameter Tolerance
1/2+0.0005 / +0.0010Max +0.0004+0.0000 / -0.0047+0.000 / -0.001
5/8+0.0005 / +0.0010Max +0.0004+0.0000 / -0.0047+0.000 / -0.001
3/4+0.0005 / +0.0010Max +0.0005+0.0000 / -0.0047+0.000 / -0.001
1+0.0005 / +0.0010Max +0.0006+0.0000 / -0.0047+0.000 / -0.001

What is an Abrasive Mandrel?

Used in conjunction with power tools, Climax abrasive mandrels are driven primarily by direct connection to an electric motor. Consisting of a shank, nut, and washer, mandrels are used to hold abrasive sanding/finishing or polishing products in place. Quick change styles do not incorporate washers or nuts therefore limiting the amount of time required to replace the finishing product. Climax abrasive mandrels have a rust proof finish.

What is a Motor Arbor?

Climax motor arbors mount directly onto the shaft of a motor using the set screw included in the product design. Motor arbors hold abrasive finishing products in place similar to a mandrel. Some motor arbors have an internal thread which allows for a threaded shaft. This internal threaded design permits the use of thicker finishing wheels. Climax motor arbors have a rust proof finish.

What is a keyless chuck and how does it work?

A keyless chuck is simply a holder that allows you to mount and hold different tools such as drill bits, abrasive tools or sanding drums. Climax Keyless Chucks are manufactured to mount on a 1/2-20 threaded shaft. Tightening or loosening the chuck will open or close the jaws allowing for installation or removal of various tools.


What abrasive material are your sanding sleeves?

Climax abrasive sanding sleeves are spiral coated-abrasive bands with resin-bond aluminum oxide on a hard cloth back. These abrasive spiral sleeves can be used with Climax rubber expansion sanding drums.

What type of sanding drums do you offer?

Climax rubber expansion sanding drums are offered in three different styles; screw lock, nut lock and quick lock.

Standard Screw Lock – with Shank: The rubber expansion on the standard screw lock sanding drum is controlled by tightening or loosening the slotted screw at the end of the mandrel.

Standard Nut Lock – with Shank: The rubber expansion on the standard nut lock sanding drum is controlled by tightening or loosening the hex nut at the end of the mandrel.

Quick Lock – with Shank: The rubber expansion on the quick lock sanding drum is controlled by simply tightening or loosening the rubber spindle by hand. The design of this sanding drum does not require the use of additional tools for installation or removal.

What precautions should I consider when working with abrasives?

Power tool accessories and hand tools are dangerous when used improperly. Comply with all safety regulations and always protect face, eyes, and body when using hand and power tool.

What purpose does a sanding drum serve?

The sole purpose of an abrasive sanding drum is to mount an abrasive sanding sleeve. The rubber drum expands to hold the sanding sleeve in place. Sleeves are secured on the drum by controlled expansion of the solid rubber drum spindle. The rubber provides a cushioned backing to assure a smooth, even finish especially when finishing items with curves or contours.

How does a sanding drum work?

Rubber expansion sanding drums are driven by a direct connection to an electric motor; either stationary or hand-held. The rubber on the sanding drum is controlled by tightening or loosening a portion of the drum. In screw lock or nut lock designs, a slotted screw or hex nut controls the expansion. In quick lock designs, expansion is controlled without the use of tools by simply twisting the rubber spindle by hand. When a sanding drum must be directly mounted onto a shaft, specialty drums incorporate the use of internal bore threads or include set screws in the design so that the drum may be secured directly onto a threaded or smooth shaft. Direct shaft mounted drums are ideal for grinders, flexible shafts & bench mandrels.

What is the best way to store abrasive sanding sleeves?

It is important to keep in mind that the performances of sanding sleeves are dramatically influenced by temperature and humidity. In order to maximize the shelf life of Climax abrasive sanding sleeves humidity and temperature fluctuations need to be kept to a minimum. Storage should be between 60-80°F and should be used within six months of purchase.