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KLD Mechanical Interference Fit an Optimal Solution for Sawmill Systems & Planar/Feed Tables

Climax Keyless Locking Devices withstand the constant pounding associated with timber processing applications making them an ideal replacement for expensive and time consuming traditional interference fit connections.

Timber Sawmill ProcessSawmill Systems and Planer/Feed Tables commonly incorporate traditional keyed connections when attaching feed rollers in sawmill equipment. Using a keyed connection adds weight and cost not only to the shaft but to every component on the shaft. Over time, keyways cause fretting corrosion, allowing for backlash, and do not transmit bending moments or axial loads.

Climax Keyless Locking Assemblies can be used in place of a keyed connection removing these disadvantages especially when subjected to extreme environments where constant load reverses are common. Keyless locking devices use multiple screws with opposing tapers creating a 360° contact mechanical interference fit. Where pin retention is used in sawmill equipment, using a C133 or C405 locking assembly eliminates the need for (more…)

Hydraulic Motor & Conveyor Systems Benefit With the Use of Keyless Rigid Couplings

Climax Keyless Rigid Couplings provide a superior solution for shaft mounted hydraulic motors and gearboxes over traditional approaches in timber conveying applications.

KLD Hydraulic Motor Conveyor SystemsTraditional methods used to shaft mount hydraulic motors and/or gearboxes in conveyor application such as wood chippers; include the need for brackets and expensive structures to support the motor. Failure to properly align shafts in these applications can lead to premature coupling failure. Additionally, misalignment can lead to hydraulic motor leaks and total bearing failures due to inordinate facial loads on the motor bearings, resulting in maintenance issues and downtime consequently affecting production and profitability. Even when these components are properly aligned these connections are subjected to outside elements that can affect alignment.

Climax Series C600 Keyless Rigid Couplings provide the desired high torque and bending capacity required for conveyor applications thus eliminating bearing and motor failure. Shaft mounting the drive ensures that shafts are in perfect alignment, removing the chance of hydraulic motor leaks (more…)

Keyless Locking Devices Provide Superior Connection Solution for Wood Chippers

Climax Keyless Locking Devices withstand the constant pounding associated with wood processing applications making them an ideal replacement for expensive and time consuming traditional interference fit connections.

Timber Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper

Interference fit rotor/shaft connections common in wood chippers require expensive machining, fixturing, and the use of heavy hydraulic presses. As these traditional fits require close tolerances there is a great deal of labor involved to facilitate assembly.

Climax heavy duty locking assemblies can achieve the same fit with a much simpler and less expensive machining. Keyless locking assemblies are installed and removed with simple hand tools making them ideal for applications that require field serviceability. The same heavy duty locking assemblies can be used to mount drive sheaves on wood chippers eliminating wallowing, fretting corrosion, and fatigue failure, commonly associated with shaft keyways. The harsh demands of constant pounding in wood processing applications (more…)

KLDs Offer Superior Torsion & Bending Capability for Timber Industry Debarkers

Climax Keyless Locking Devices provide a superior alternative for component connectivity in timber applications where keyed connections commonly result in excessive downtime and loss of production.

Timber Log DebarkerDue to the harsh nature of the lumber and wood industry, sheared and rolled keys and broken shafts are common on equipment such as debarkers. Shaft/hub connections in this industry are subjected to a constant pounding which eventually leads to shaft fatigue failures of keyed connections resulting in downtime and loss of production.

In debarker applications, Climax Series C405 Heavy-Duty Locking Assemblies create a 360° contact mechanical interference fit eliminating backlash associated with keyed connections. By eliminating the shaft keyway and associated notch factor, keyless locking devices provide for a shaft that is 30% stronger in both torsion and bending capacity. For sprockets, (more…)

Keyless Locking Device Provides Solution to Expensive Machining Costs in Lumber Handling Systems

Climax Keyless Locking Devices provide timing solutions for lumber handling systems providing a cost-effective maintenance-friendly alternative to traditional keyed connections.

Timber Sawmill Block Kicker

Sawmill Kicker Arm

Lumber handling systems have gears in the transfer station used for lifting raw material. In order for these transfer stations to run smoothly they demand strict sync tolerances. Traditional keyed connections used in lumber handling systems can become compromised causing a loss of synchronization resulting in stopped production. This need to periodically realign the gears and/or replace expensive keyed shafting is often expensive, difficult, and time consuming.

Climax Series C133 Locking Assemblies negate the need for keyways in drive sprocket applications often allowing for the use of A-Plates. When used with kicker arms our keyless locking devices do not require gang broaching or the need to locate keyways on shafting, resulting in reduced machining costs. Under the extreme operating environments of lumber handling systems, KLDs eliminate the need for keyed connections and the associated problems with backlash and fretting corrosion which over time can cause weakened shafts and/or shaft failures.  (more…)

Keyless Locking Devices Provide Solution for Steel Mill Gearbox Applications

Climax Keyless Locking Devices provide steel mills a cost-effective and maintenance-friendly alternative to traditional mounting methods for gearbox applications.

Steel Forging

Steel Production

Gearboxes that drive mills in the steel industry are typically coupled to motors using large gear couplings. The traditional mounting method for these couplings is a heavy interference fit which require expensive close tolerance machining, a heated hub for installation and removal, and use of a press or puller. As a result, heated hubs can lead to seal damage and premature bearing failure. When bearing maintenance is required, removal and re-installation of these couplings is labor intensive and expensive.

Using a Climax Shrink Disc to mount gear couplings provides a superior alternative to a traditional press fit method. Keyless locking devices achieve the same fit with much simpler and less expensive machining. Climax KLDs provide high torque, bending, and axial thrust capacities, eliminate axial movement during installation, and eliminate notch factors associated with keyways. In addition, shrink discs are less expensive and time consuming than sweat or press fit connections. Installation and removal of KLDs require the use of simple hand tools allowing for easy field serviceability. (more…)

A Solution to Simplify Maintenance in Traditional Stamping Presses

Climax Keyless Locking Devices eliminate the use of keyed shafts required when mounting bull gears in mechanical steel stamping presses, providing a shaft-to-bore connection that is reliable, increased durability, and supplies infinite timing capability.

Brunner InstallBull gears are widely used in traditional stamping presses. After some time the bore of these bull gears will wear out and require maintenance. The typical maintenance approach is often lengthy and consequently affects production and profitability to the manufacturing facility. This process includes welding the bores to enable the plant to machine them back to the required shaft size and finally add a keyway.

In addition, the keyed shafting will oftentimes need to be repaired or replaced which can be difficult and time consuming. Climax provides an exceptional solution that eliminates the need for keyed shafts. Our keyless locking assemblies can be placed in the bore of the bull gear, to lock it to the shaft and provide the necessary torque capacity, while increasing durability, as well as supply infinite timing capability.

This keyless solution simplifies the machining required, allows for timing, and provides for infinite service life. When maintenance is required, (more…)

Climax Provides Products for the Construction Industry

PROBLEM:  Harsh outdoor environments can lead to premature failure of low speed, light duty bearings.

SOLUTION:  Choose Climax ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) self-lubricating bearings with stainless steel housings for tough environments. Great for hand operated levers and cranks found on trailer and other construction equipment.

KLDs Provide Productivity Solutions for High Speed Index Packaging Machinery

Packaging MachineryKeyless Locking Devices (KLDs) ensure required positional accuracy and repeatability is achieved from drive line components, and eliminate keyed connection failure.

When high volumes are desired the most common approach is through the use of high speed index packaging machinery. These machines are capable of performing simultaneous actions at multiple stages of the production process, consequently reducing cycle times. The strenuous demands on the machines, especially the requirement of positional accuracy and repeatability from its drive line components, can cause keyed connections to wear out, become out of sync, and break down over time.

Climax Keyless Locking Devices are designed to use in place of keyed (more…)

Shaft Collars Used as Locators in Automated Packaging Systems

Packaging Automated SystemsShaft collars are used on a shaft primarily in 3 general categories: Positioners, Spacers, and Limiters.  Functioning as locators in automated packaging systems, shaft collars position components in place or work as mechanical stops providing axial holding power for automated packaging systems. Click on the image to read more.